About Healing Quest

Mending Mind, Body & Soul

with holistic Energy Healing Methods from Healing Quest

Relieve your stress, ease pain, and live a better life with the gentle healing methods provided by energy therapist, Ines Hoster, MS, HTCP/I, HT (certified Healing Touch Practitioner, international instructor and hypnotherapist) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Wonderful healings have been reported by people who sought my help for which we are grateful. However, Ines Hoster knows that all healing is self healing.  It occurs between the Giver of the Gift and the client, she is the conduit in this sacred process. Deep healing is always a gift. Ines Hoster works with that gift, by telephone or in person, with people all over the world on optimizing their health and their quality of life.

Deep healing comes from getting to the root issues. It is not just “a quick fix” of symptoms. Deep healing is not the result of hypnosis nor of the placebo effect. It also requires active participation of the client. We work with adults, children and animals.

Deep healing can wonderfully change your life:

  • It can relieve you of pain and other physical symptoms.
  • It can restore your vitality.
  • It can slow down your aging process.
  • It can bring peace into your relationships.
  • It can give you back your life.

Deep healing can be as close as your phone.

The mission of Healing Quest is to support wellness, deep healing and inner peace through balancing and harmonizing the physical body and the bio-energy field (your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies).

Ancient Knowledge—Modern Energy
At Healing Quest we nurture and educate our clients on their healing journey with various energy healing methods, intentionality, and heart centered listening. We draw from ancient knowledge, intuition and scientifically researched modern energy therapies to enhance the self-healing process. Gift yourself or a loved-one with an energy therapy session today.

Help with Almost Any Issues
All illness begins with imbalances in the energy field and imbalances lead to inflammation and toxicity.  Toxicity leads to weakness of the organs, glands and systems of the body such as joints and muscles. Infections, allergies and parasites then are likely to appear.
People then may experience: Fatigue, Headaches, Sore throats,
Depression, Intestinal distress, Pain in the joints, Panic attacks,
Sleep disturbances, etc. and seek treatment for their symptoms.

Our gentle methods at Healing Quest complement any conventional approaches to healthcare and any other therapies. They can be applied to every physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem and increase generalized well-being, relaxation and need for healing. After assessing the state of a person’s energy balance and restoring harmony, we empower our clients on their road to recovery.  They experience mastery of their many life issues and transitions, including releasing stress from such varied issues as moving, losing a job, divorce, chronic disease or the dying process.

You Can Benefit from Energy Therapies

Release Anxiety &TraumasRelieve Pain Reduce
Stress & TensionStimulate & Accelerate the
Healing Process
•  Support Your Immune System
& Self-Healing ProcessPrevent Illness & Activate Mental
ClarityEnhance the Effect of Other

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