Energy Therapy

See the Difference in Your Life

with an Energy Therapy Session from Healing Quest

Discover the revolutionary holistic healing power of energy therapy provided by Ines Hoster. Whether you are looking for pain relief or stress reduction, our energy based healing methods are some of the most widely used in the field today. Healing Quest invites you to try it for yourself and see the difference our energy therapy can make in your life.

• Optimal health requires a balanced flow of life energy.
• When the energy flow becomes congested or blocked, health problems can begin to manifest physically.
• By increasing awareness of negative thought patterns, releasing them and acquiring positive ones, we affect
our emotional patterns and physical responses. These changes in turn lead to an increased sense of well-
being, balance and harmony of your whole being.

Methods Used in a Caring, Heart-Centered Environment:

• Hand-Mediated Methods
• Guided Imagery
• Trauma Release Methods
• Hypnosis
• Long-Distance Work •Available Via Phone or Skype™
• Soul Retrieval
• Bach Flower Remedies™
• Swiss Herbal Products

A Session Includes the Following Elements
The client and the energy therapist engage in an informative talk regarding the issues to be handled. Then the client, who is fully dressed, will be either sitting or lying comfortably on a massage table. The practitioner moves her hands in the energy field of the client to assess the shape and texture of the energy field and the energy centers, then uses light physical touch or works off the physical body to influence and harmonize the energy system or may use any of the other methods mentioned above. During this process the relaxation response assists the client’s recovery and increased sense of wellness.

Toward the end of the session the client will be grounded and given some water to drink, reflect to integrate the experiences from the session and a plan is made for the continued self-improvement until the next meeting. Maybe a referral is given to another practitioner if indicated. The energy work helps to restore any previously detected imbalances and to improve the feeling of wellness. There may be relaxing music to enhance the effect of the gentle and non-invasive work. Treatment is provided both on an individual appointment basis and for our corporate wellness programs. A session can also be given long distance, usually either by phone or via Skype

Usage of Energy Therapies like Healing Touch (HT):
• Practiced at more than 100 hospitals and health centers in North
America that include them as part of standard nursing protocols.
• National nursing associations promote the modalities of Healing Touch.
• Healing Touch is one of the alternative healing modalities taught in
nursing schools.
• Healing Touch is practiced in many other countries such as Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Peru,
South Africa & Italy.

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