Pain Relief

The Natural Solution for What Ails You

Holistic Approach to Pain Relief & Stress Reduction with Energy Methods

Enjoy pain relief and stress reduction with the help of a holistic approach toward healing and various energy therapyies provided by Ines Hoster in Atlanta, Georgia. At Healing Quest we offer a variety of methods to help you feel better, no matter what your symptoms. Allow Ines Hoster to put her skills to work for you.

Pain Relief
The first thing we do is a detailed intake process. We always work on a fully clothed body. We do a full energetic assessment in order to sense your pain and stressors better. Tell us if you prefer energy work to be done off the body or if you prefer light touching, the effectiveness is the same. After we have assessed the energy field, we can see the areas that need balancing or harmonizing. Usually you are lying down (sitting up if you prefer) to experience deep relaxation.

The body’s relaxation response will help with anxiety, lower blood pressure, relieve pain and impact a variety of other issues. We can provide pain relief with you here or even sense your energy when you are miles away. Ines Hoster can pick up disturbances in the energy field including physical pain or other issues. All our work is geared to re-balancing and harmonizing your energy field and centers. We also provide homework designed to support you on your healing journey between sessions. This will help you stay focused on your healing journey.

Trauma Release                                                                                                                          After 9/11, many people were traumatized by what happened. Our trauma therapy helps people cope with  painful memories and other experiences. For Trauma Release we use several methods, depending on the trauma, it may be one of the Healing Touch methods or other methods such as the groundbraking integration of the most well-established approaches including traumtology and cognitive science, body centered energy psychology, body-mind healing, hypnotherapy and spiritual teachings.

Our therapist, Ines Hoster, is a  Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Certified Instructor for Germany, Italy, and the US, She is also a hypnotherapist and has training in Shamanism, Gestalt therapy and AIT.

Some traumas can be released quickly, but often a trauma is related to many other issues. By releasing their traumas clients find that they can heal faster, experience more joy in life, their quality of life increases, they have more energy and their relationships with other people improve. After trauma release clients tend to have a higher vibrational level, feel lighter and start to draw people into their lives who also have a higher level of energy.

Stress Reduction
Stress reduction is part of energetic balancing. Stress reduction can give you more energy and help you feel less pain. As you relax, its easier to think more clearly. We work with athletes a lot that are stressed from a particular event, muscles may need tension release along with their mind. Our work impacts clients at different levels. We find that often when clients come to us for one particular reason, other issues clear along the way as well.

Holistic Health Care Approach
At Healing Quest we take you, the whole person, into consideration. That does not only include all of you and your experiences but also the other people you relate to.  Your relationships are part of who you are and in a way you bring them all with you, where ever you are. When we work with you, we may also have to heal your relationship with a deceased loved one, or with someone who is alive.  Any one of these relationships can impact your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing profoundly and may need attention. We don’t work with anything invasive like acupuncture or needles, only with energy therapies, some herbal supplements and homeopathics such as Bach Flower Remedies to support your process.

Spiritual Healing
At Healing Quest we can help you with spiritual issues as well. Ines Hoster has been a layminister for over 15 years at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.  A deeply spiritual approach to healing is outside of any particular religion. Sometimes spiritual issues such as feeling disconnected, guilty or angry with God, are impacting people’s lives very adversely. Sometimes clients may be holding beliefs about themselves that are preventing them from using their own power, or maybe they need to find their purpose in life. We sometimes raise questions clients have not thought about and/or provide a different way of looking at an issue – this in turn may give a person the space needed to gain a different perspective, allow a feeling of peace and harmony come ionto their body which can support healing on many different levels.

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