Stress Reduction

Let Ines Hoster Support Your Self Healing process

She Specializes in Stress Reduction & Pain Relief

Seek refuge from pain, enjoy stress reduction,  relaxation and peace under the skilled hands of energy therapist, Ines Hoster. Healing Quest was founded by Ines Hoster. Ines is dedicated to helping people through what ails them with her various therapeutic energy methods. These methods help with stress reduction, pain relief, and spiritual healing.

Ines is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Certified Instructor and Hypnotherapist. Ines has a Master’s degree in sociology from Florida State University and did postgraduate work at Georgia State University—she taught sociology in the University System of Georgia and has been in private practice in Atlanta since 1979.

Her interest in holistic medicine, growing spiritual awareness, involvement with energy based healing, dream work and guided imagery led her to be trained through the American Holistic Nursing Association, Healing Touch International, Inc. and Hypnosis Institute International.

She founded Healing Quest in 1998, educating and assisting people with stress management, chronic and acute pain relief, relaxation, meditation, and trauma release. She offers a unique on-site wellness program to corporations together with her associates. Ines teaches Healing Touch classes in the US, Italy and Germany and she is the founder and director of Healing Touch Deutschland. Ines Hoster is also a lay minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.

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