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On August 21st and 22nd I attended a class On Healing Touch level 1. I am trained to level 2 Reiki and have been practicing and teaching EFT to friends and family.
When my friend called me and suggested we take this class together, I came with some skepticism but tried to keep an open mind.
I had never “felt the energy” with Reiki. When I started using EFT, I decided I was done with trying to make the motions of practicing Reiki. I know that I was not ready for Reiki and it is a great healing tool for those who are.
The very first thing our wonderful teacher told us was that we all experience energy in our own way. So, I let myself try different ways and I actually started to feel it.
The weekend was one of experiencing personal healing as well as feeling like I was giving something. I feel that every thing we did was holy and blessed.
I have decided to take level 2 and see were that leads. But even if I were to stop right now, the level 1 weekend was a gift. I am already using some of the techniques and plan to keep practicing. I have heard about Ines Hoster for years and consider it another blessing to have had her for our teacher.

S.F. – Level 1 student in Atlanta, GA

I feel this program was one of the most important experiences of my life – Level 1 student in Atlanta, GA

I loved this course. Ines was a gentle, connected, trustworthy, and knowledgeable instructor. – Level 1 student in Atlanta, GA

Ines is a terrific instructor. Even though there was a lot of information it was presented in a loving way with a lot of patience on her part. – Level 1 student Atlanta, GA

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